Be Creative! (in progress)

No matter who, what, or where you are, you can be creative. When it boils down to the essence of it, being creative and free-thinking can be quite easy!
Some find themselves in situations in life, or even the very places they are, where being creative can seem down-right impossible.. But that is never the truth.
Take me, for example.. When i began realizing my potential as a creative, artistic person, i was sitting in a small, cramped school desk in the most private of “private high schools”. In this setting, being creative, artistic, and “different” was not only difficult, but was often frowned upon. I had to rely on what was around me, to express the artistic side of myself which just could not be caged. Quite literally, what was around me was pencils, pens, sharpies, and computer paper!
While good artwork does often involve expensive and specific papers, paints, etc., GREAT artwork CAN be created on simpler terms as well. Don’t ever think that you can not express yourself “correctly” unless you have “the right art tools and training”. As i said before, some really amazing artwork can come out of the “simplest” tools around you.
Just using white computer paper, colored Sharpie pens, and your average No. 2 pencils and erasers. . .

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Follow My Artwork!

You can also see some of my artwork as I finish each piece over on Instagram! It mostly consists of my quick doodles and sketchings @cwp_3

Here’s a few for you now! But there’s many, many more..




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Beginning a Blog

This is the beginning of a new blog.. Hello!

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